DEVONthink Pro Office 2.8.9 (2016) [Mac OS] Eng

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Разработчик: Devontechnologies, LLC
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Лекарство: Не требуется
Системные требования
• Intel , 64-bit processor
• OS X 10.8.5 или более новая

Devonthink Pro Office — программное обеспечение для хранения, организации и поиска электронных документов. Devonthink Pro Office в некотором роде можно назвать Вашим вторым мозгом, хранящим все цифровые файлы, будь то PDF-файлы, электронные письма, документы Word, или даже мультимедиа. Devonthink чрезвычайно гибок и легко настраивается под Ваши потребности. А если файлы не являются цифровыми, оцифруйте их при помощи Devonthink Pro Office.

Используйте его как хранилище Ваших документов, файловый кабинет, почтовый архив, или как проектный органайзер – Devonthink может все это. Вы даже можете собирать и организовывать данные с веб-страниц для личного пользования, обогащать их звуковыми и видео файлами с вашего жесткого диска, а затем экспортировать готовый продукт в виде веб-сайта; или скопировать контент в Ваш iPod! Возможности ограничены только Вашим воображением.
Обновлено до 2.9.6

Дополнительная информация:
— отличная поддержка кириллицы: как при поиске, так и при вводе и отображении;
— система автоматического классифицирования и группирования заметок (по заранее заданным ключевым словам);
возможности для создания тригеров на события или появления статей с заданным набором ключевых слов;
— плагинная архитектура и поддержка собственных виджетов;
— встроенный менеджер закачек;
— создание шаблонов, добавляемых в базу документов (например, вы можете сделать свою форму, в которой заполнять поля в соответствии со структурой вашей информации/документа/события);
— возможности синхронизации, архивации данных;
— аннотации к вложенным PDF-документам;
— поддержка фидов в форматах RSS/RDF/Atom;
— поддержка прямого подключения TWAIN-устройств;
— возможность фонового OCR-распознания добавленного в базу текста (в виде pdf/изображения);
— возможность отображать какие-то списки (группы) записей/файлов в виде таблиц-свойств множеств этих объектов;
— настраиваемый автобэкап собственной базы;
— поддержка iPhone;
— поддержка доступа к web из самого органайзера
— поддержка внешнего поискового API к базе.
Что нового в этой версии:
Version 2.9.6:
◦ Smart group and advanced search condition 'Kind is (not) News' finding news items inside feeds
◦ Smart groups and advanced searches support 'not within last x days' conditions
◦ PDF views support adding and editing links
◦ HTML pages outside of feeds support WYSIWYG editing

◦ Importing files and folders exported by ELO Office
◦ Sharing extension accepts images, e.g., from browsers now too
◦ PDF sidebars support Services
◦ Reveal and Move To Trash contextual menu items of Windows > Log panel support multiple selections
◦ Captured or converted formatted notes no longer strip form and input tags, e.g., checkboxes
◦ State of checkboxes in formatted notes is retained
◦ Scanning is more compatible to macOS Sierra
◦ Smart group editor converts multiple 'kind' conditions to a valid smart group using compound predicates
◦ Finder tags are updated more often
◦ OPML export
◦ Sharing extensions work better with multiple copies of DEVONthink or DEVONnote installed
◦ CPU usage of sharing extension while waiting for data
◦ Registration of Services
◦ Handling of temporary directories
◦ Localization
◦ Overall reliability

Improved (Sync)
◦ Reading positions are now optionally synchronized
◦ Database properties are now always synchronized
◦ Up to two times faster sending and receiving of small files via Bonjour
◦ Bonjour timeout handling
◦ Scheduled synchronizations are only delayed for ten seconds after waking up
◦ Cached records are validated and dismissed if necessary
◦ More useful error message in case of WebDAV 501 errors ('Not supported')
◦ Garbage collection of sync stores
◦ Error logging
◦ Memory management
◦ Overall reliability

◦ Issue where the PDF sidebar did no longer support inserting, pasting, or deleting pages (workaround for macOS Sierra)
◦ Issue where found occurrences in PDF documents were not highlighted reliably anymore (workaround for macOS Sierra)
◦ Issue were the PDF sidebar wasn't reloaded after rotating pages (workaround for macOS Sierra)
◦ Issue where editing PDF forms no longer marked the document as modified (workaround for macOS Sierra)
◦ Issue where selected pages couldn't be dragged from the PDF sidebar to other views, windows, or applications (macOS Sierra)
◦ Issue where PDF views didn't support Services (macOS Sierra)
◦ Issue where PDF views didn't always receive the keyboard focus after selecting an annotation
◦ Issue where DEVONthink Pro Office wasn't always able to capture the URL from the frontmost application (workaround for macOS Sierra)
◦ Issue where OCR background tasks were not correctly handled after a crash
◦ Issues related to OCR and email archiving and temporary directory randomization
◦ Issue where hidden '.DS_Store' files created by the Finder caused unnecessary console messages when synchronizing
◦ Crash related to importing a remote database (macOS Sierra)
◦ Crash related to right- or Control-clicking tags in the Tags view (macOS Sierra)

◦ OpenMeta support on OS X Mavericks
◦ Hidden preference 'DisableOpenMeta'

Known issues on macOS Sierra
◦ The PDF sidebar doesn't support reordering pages with drag-and-drop due to PDFKit bugs
◦ Flickering while resizing or moving PDF annotations, again due to PDFKit bugs
◦ Encrypted PDF documents can't be unlocked; guess it: PDFKit bugs

Version 2.8.9:
• Importing and indexing support folder tags. Tags of groups are exported and tags of indexed groups are immediately applied.
• Images can be dropped into formatted notes too.
• Document windows support fullscreen window mode (OS X 10.11 El Capitan or later).
• Optional "reveal" parameter of x-devonthink-item links can be used to reveal groups.

• "Take Note" panel restores unsaved contents after closing or quitting.
• Web sharing only asks for passwords and refreshes content when needed; it also handles errors better.
• Pressing the ⌥Option modifier key changes the "Select font" buttons to "Reset" (see Preferences > General and Preferences > Web) to easily restore the default fonts.
• Sharing extension is more compatible (e.g., to Tinderbox 6.4).
• Captured images, links, bookmarks, or notes are named smarter.
• Rebuilding retains addition date.
• Tools > Verify & Repair checks external files in the background.
• Scripts > Export > Daily Backup Archive uses a different date format.
• Scripts > Reminders > Add as To Do to OmniFocus shows a better error message in case OmniFocus Pro is not available.
• Templates updated.
• AppleScript support.
• Data > Merge logs skipped records.
• File permissions of temporary files are corrected after importing.
• Error message in case of unmounted volumes is clearer.
• Documentation added for item links.
• Installation of Firefox extension opens Mozilla Add-Ons page in Firefox.
• Overall reliability and performance.

• Issue where copying selected rows of table views failed on OS X 10.11 El Capitan.
• Issue where tags entered into the Tags bar weren't always saved.
• Issue with Format > Show Invisible Characters being incompatible to rich text documents containing tables.
• Issue where the entered name was ignored when adding one file via Add to DEVONthink Pro Office service.
• Issue with PDF highlight annotations in case of rotated pages (workaround for issue in OS X).
• Issues with PDF line annotations (workaround for issues in OS X 10.11 El Capitan).
• Issue with reverting documents.
• Issue with text templates containing date placeholders in the title failing depending on the system date format.
• Issue where the width of the Activity panel couldn't be increased.
• Issue where changing the column font didn't update visible windows.
• Issues with the automatic hiding of the Sorter on OS X 10.11 El Capitan.
• Issue that allowed creation of smart groups with invalid parameters.
• Issue where scanning as image didn't use the correct file type.
• Issue that could slow down or freeze the application when reading damaged .DS_Store files.
• Vulnerability in Sparkle framework (used for downloading and installing updates).
• Further minor bugs and glitches.

• OpenMeta is no longer used on OS X 10.10 Yosemite or later.
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