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  • Архитектура: i386

Вышел новый релиз Tails 1.7 обновление (changelog см. ниже) дистрибутива Tails 1.6, предназначенного для обеспечения максимально возможной анонимности при работе в сети Интернет. Включена поддержка UEFI boot, которая позволяет загружаться на новых компьютерах, а также на компьютерах Apple. "Камуфляж" приведен к Windows 8.

Tails выполнен в виде Live-системы, позволяющей из коробки обеспечить максимальный уровень анонимности и безопасности. Анонимный выход в сеть обеспечивается системой Tor.
Changelog. 2015.10.03:
* Major new features and changes
- Upgrade Tor Browser to 5.0.4. (Closes: #10456)
- Add a technology preview of the Icedove Email client (a
rebranded version of Mozilla Thunderbird), including OpenPGP
support via the Enigmail add-on, general security and anonymity
improvements via the Torbirdy add-on, and complete persistence
support (which will be enabled automatically if you already have
Claws Mail persistence enabled). Icedove will replace Claws Mail
as the supported email client in Tails in a future
release. (Closes: #6151, #9498, #10285)
- Upgrade Tor to Among the many
improvement of this new Tor major release, the new
KeepAliveIsolateSOCKSAuth option allows us to drop the
bug15482.patch patch (taken from the Tor Browse bundle) that
enabled similar (but inferior) functionality for *all*
SocksPort:s -- now the same circuit is only kept alive for
extended periods for the SocksPort used by the Tor
Browser. (Closes: #10194, #10308)
- Add an option to Tails Greeter which disables networking
completely. This is useful when intending to use Tails for
offline work only. (Closes: #6811)

* Security fixes
- Fix CVE-2015-7665, which could lead to a network interface's IP
address being exposed through wget. (Closes: #10364)
- Prevent a symlink attack on ~/.xsession-errors via
tails-debugging-info which could be used by the amnesia user to
read the contents of any file, no matter the
permissions. (Closes: #10333)
- Upgrade libfreetype6 to 2.4.9-1.1+deb7u2.
- Upgrade gdk-pixbuf packages to 2.26.1-1+deb7u2.
- Upgrade Linux to 3.16.7-ckt11-1+deb8u5.
- Upgrade openjdk-7 packages to 7u85-2.6.1-6~deb7u1.
- Upgrade unzip to 6.0-8+deb7u4.

* Bugfixes
- Add a temporary workaround for an issue in our code which checks
whether i2p has bootstrapped, which (due to some recent change
in either I2P or Java) could make it appear it had finished
prematurely. (Closes: #10185)
- Fix a logical bug in the persistence preset migration code while
real-only persistence is enabled. (Closes: #10431)

* Minor improvements
- Rework the wordings of the various installation and upgrade
options available in Tails installer in Wheezy. (Closes: #9672)
- Restart Tor if bootstrapping stalls for too long when not using
pluggable transports. (Closes: #9516)
- Install firmware-amd-graphics, and firmware-misc-nonfree instead
of firmware-ralink-nonfree, both from Debian Sid.
- Update the Tails signing key. (Closes: #10012)
- Update the Tails APT repo signing key. (Closes: #10419)
- Install the nmh package. (Closes: #10457)
- Explicitly run "sync" at the end of the Tails Upgrader's upgrade
process, and pass the "sync" option when remounting the system
partition as read-write. This might help with some issues we've
seen, such as #10239, and possibly for #8449 as well.

* Test suite
- Add initial automated tests for Icedove. (Closes: #10332)
- Add automated tests of the MAC spoofing feature. (Closes: #6302)
- Drop the concept of "background snapshots" and introduce a general
system for generating snapshots that can be shared between
features. This removes all silly hacks we previously used to
"skip" steps, and greatly improves performance and reliability
of the whole test suite. (Closes: #6094, #8008)
- Flush to the log file in debug_log() so the debugging info can
be viewed in real time when monitoring the debug log
file. (Closes: #10323)
- Force UTF-8 locale in automated test suite. Ruby will default to
the system locale, and if it is non-UTF-8, some String-methods
will fail when operating on non-ASCII strings. (Closes: #10359)
- Escape regexp used to match nick in CTCP replies. Our Pidgin
nick's have a 10% chance to include a ^, which will break that
regexp. We need to escape all characters in the nick. (Closes:
- Extract TBB languages from the Tails source code. This will
ensure that valid locales are tested. As an added bonus, the
code is greatly simplified. (Closes: #9897)
- Automatically test that tails-debugging-info is not susceptible
to the type of symlink attacks fixed by #10333.
- Save all test suite artifacts in a dedicated directory with more
useful infromation encoded in the path. This makes it easier to
see which artifacts belongs to which failed scenario and which
run. (Closes: #10151)
- Log all useful information via Cucumber's formatters instead of
printing to stderr, which is not included when logging to file
via `--out`. (Closes: #10342)
- Continue running the automated test suite's vnc server even if
the client disconnects. (Closes: #10345)
- Add more automatic tests for I2P. (Closes: #6406)
- Bump the Tor circuit retry count to 10. (Closes: #10375)
- Clean up dependencies: (Closes: #10208)
* libxslt1-dev
* radvd
* x11-apps
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