Слова Слова Слова / Parole Parole Parole (2015) HDRip | 1080p

Загружено: 26 апреля 2015 в 12:31 от tehnik
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Режиссер: Студия "SexArt"
В ролях: Amarna Mille, Franck Franco
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Видео: 1920x1080, 8000 kbps, AVC, MP4, HDRip
Аудио: 86 kbps, AAC
Перевод: Отсутствует
Субтитры: Отсутствуют
Звуковая дорожка: Другая
Продолжительность: 00:22

Amarna Miller and Franck Franco convey their affection for one another not through speech, but through knowing glances, shared smiles, and tender kisses. But when they're in bed together the words flow fast and freely. As they make love they trade terms of endearment, desire, encouragement, instruction, and appreciation — in fact, as the action unfolds, there's a constant stream of spontaneous, passionate, and impromptu dialog that gives this incendiary scene a vivid and tantalizing realism. Miller has seldom been hotter, and her fevered exhortations inspire Franco to deliver one of his most impressive performances. Whether she's furiously stroking her clit as Franck vigorously pumps her pussy, when she's eagerly swallowing his shaft, or savoring the sensation of his tongue on her every orifice, Miller glows, moans, and moves with sheer erotic delight. And Franco, balls-deep in Amarna's mouth or succulent, pink cunt, senses his partner's every desire, kissing, eating, and jackhammer-humping her to a window-rattling climax prior to his own exceptionally happy ending thanks to Miller's deft hands and hungry tongue. There are many ways to describe this thrilling erotic experience — passionate, intimate, genuine, intense — but don't take our word for it, experience "Parole Parole Parole" for yourself.
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