Thief: Master Thief Edition [Update 6] (2014) Multi/Rus

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Разработчик: Eidos-Montréal
Издатель: SQUARE ENIX / Eidos Interactive
Язык интерфейса: Multi + Русский
Язык озвучки: Multi + Русский
Лекарство: Присутствует
Системные требования
Установленная игра: Thief: Master Thief Edition

1. Запустить setup.exe из папки Update и установить обновление, в папку с игрой
2. Скопировать содержимое папки Crack в папку с игрой, с заменой
3. Играть
Update 6 (v 1.5 build 4158.5)
  • Added AMD Mantle Crossfire support, it can enabled on from the configuration dialog on startup.
  • We recommend players to update their AMD Catalyst Beta driver to version 14.6 or higher when using AMD Mantle.
  • http://support.amd.com/en-us/kb-articles/Pages/latest-catalyst-windows-beta.aspx
  • Added optimized defaults for Display and Graphics options when playing on specific Intel Graphics hardware.
  • Improved GPU memory management on AMD Mantle.
  • Fixed issues with quicksave and quickload.
  • Several minor bug fixes and performance improvements.

Update 5 (v 1.4 build 4133.3)
  • Fixed an issue where when finishing a chapter, the user would be brought back to the start. That primarily occurred around the April 1st.
  • Fixed several audio issues, including:
  • - Issues with sound occlusion, being able to hear NPCs talking through walls.
  • - Issues with music being relatively loud in several chapters.
  • - Issue with credits music.
  • Fixed an issue with shadows that would occur on certain Nvidia and Intel GPUs.
  • Fixed issues where the quicksave would be overwritten.
  • - Quicksaves now occupy a seperate slot internally and in the loading menu. To load a quicksave press F9 or go into the Load menu and select the Quicksave Slot.
  • Increased dedicated texture memory pool size for Intel GPUs.
  • Fixed an issue where several documents were missing.
  • Fixed an issue where the Spectral Aspect trinket had no effect.
  • Fixed an issue where player was unable to look around while using the handwheel.
  • Button prompts in the station screens now update automatically based on the user input method.
  • Several minor bug fixes.

Update 4 (v 1.3 build 4118.5)
  • Added AMD Mantle support.
  • Added AMD TrueAudio support. TrueAudio hardware support can be enabled in the in-game audio options menu.
  • AMD Catalyst 14.3 Beta driver is required to use AMD Mantle and AMD TrueAudio.
  • Image Based Reflections are now optional in 64-bit version. Used to always be enabled in 64-bit and never in 32-bit.
  • Added "Automatically Limit Texture Quality" option, when turned on it limits texture quality based on the amount of dedicated VRAM.
  • Fixed medallion icons not or incorrectly lighting up on some setups.
  • Fixed subtitles not showing during cinematics when using the 32-bit version.
  • Fixed an issue where on specific setups, the game would crash during startup, and creating a new windows account would fix it.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the mouse position would be offset when running with Surround or Eyefinity.
  • Various crash fixes.
  • Various optimizations.

Update 3 (v 1.2 build 4116.4)
  • Fixed an issue where, for some users, controller right stick would not turn the camera and controller hints would not appear.
  • Fixed an issue where, for some users, the keyboard mapping menu would immediately map a key and then hang.
  • Fixed an issue with the fog when SSAA was enabled that was introduced in v1.1.
  • Fixed a crash when the user had 99 saves and tried to access the save menu in game.
  • Added an option to the launcher configuration dialog to run the 32-bit version on a 64-bit machine. The 32-bit version has several features disabled causing it to use less memory, providing a smoother experience for users with lower spec machines. The checkbox for this option can be found in the display tab of the launcher options dialogue.
  • Update: Deploy additional DLLs with the game to avoid issues with corrupt DLLs on user machines, which could cause the game to not start at all.
  • Update: Moved Lockpick and Frame Search helper to the HUD menu and will now also affect mouse/keyboard.
  • WARNING: Disabling Frame Search helper while playing with mouse/keyboard could make it very hard, if not impossible, to find the button.
  • Various performance improvements.
  • Various crash fixes.

Update 2 (v 1.1 build 4110.1)
  • Fix for a crash after loading a new game or benchmark, often seen on Intel GPU hardware.
  • Fix for DOF issue when peeking through keyholes.
  • Fix for stereoscopic 3D inconsistencies in option menus. Forces VSync to be ON and Triple Buffering to be OFF.
  • Fix for a bug where “Invert mouse X/Y” would not be saved.
  • Minor UI improvements.
  • Optimized memory usage.

Update 1 (v 1.0 build 4107.3)
  • Day One Patch
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